OSG has a suite of analysis and decision-making tools that provide an unbiased, comprehensive view of your business and, in combination with our expertise, provide a data-based map of the risks and benefits to each path forward. These are the tools that help us help you:

Metrics: With a brief series of questions Metrics shows the overall state of your company. Your company’s performance, stage (v. other similar companies), and maturity are all measured against 6 areas, including Financials, GTM plans and execution, and IP. You’ll be able to watch as these metrics improve over time as you work with us.

JDM: Our data capture and decision support system. This is the main system we use to support the rest of our suite for making data-driven analyses and decisions.

Decider: Simple, visual, interactive, multi-variable decision support. In a world where decisions are complex and the inputs are constantly variable, Decider lets you see the outcomes so you can evaluate multiple solutions for achieving your end state.

Business Pathfinder: Provides a detailed examination of where you are now and where you are (or can) go

  • Who are you?
  • What are you doing?
  • Where do you fit into the world?

Cyber-Security Pathfinder (over a longer time frame): Provides perspectives specially tailored to the cybersecurity space:

  • How do you do cybersecurity and how do your customers think?
  • What cybersecurity niche(s) do you fill and how?
  • What other cybersecurity niches are attractive and why?
  • What is your path forward internally?
  • This helps you and your clients and prospects understand each other

Each tool covers a specific business area and, together, they paint a comprehensive picture of where you are today and your paths forward. The system makes the hard decisions easier.


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