Cybersecurity growth

Oya Security Growth (OSG) helps grow cybersecurity companies. We are a boutique cybersecurity-marketing agency. We’re seasoned pros in both marketing and cybersecurity, we’ve developed the tools to facilitate the process, and we’ll help you

  • capture more market share with your existing offerings
  • discover adjacent markets, evaluate them for growth potential, and enter them efficiently
  • find novel ways to grow your company that you might have missed
  • connect you to resources and opportunities you would not otherwise have access to

OSG provides a suite of executive and business development support capabilities

  • for growing cybersecurity companies with marketing, branding, and technical know-how
  • with our proprietary tools
  • with our extensive networks

We have expertise you don't have and cannot hire

  • Fred, “the father of the computer virus”, is an (ISC)2 Fellow and a PhD in Electrical Engineering. He is also president of the Pebble Beach chapter of the Keiretsu Forum (the most active private equity investment group in the world) and founder of Angel-to-Exit (“we help grow companies”), he’s an expert in business and a distinguished member of the cybersecurity industry.
  • Adam and Karen have created over $1B in growth and exits in technology and cybersecurity. We helped brand and build Postini prior to its acquisition by Google, Riverhead Technologies prior to its acquisition by Cisco, RSA during a high-growth period, and Atreca (biotech) from inception through IPO. We are awardwinning marketers with a strong history of cybersecurity (and other technology) companies grow.

Hiring us means you’ll be able to focus on both your urgent needs and your long-term (strategic) ones. We’ll help identify and capture short term wins while also helping plan for long-term sustainability.


We are committed to make the world a better place

We are founded to apply our expertise to make the world a better place. In our many years of service, we have come to the conclusion that this is best done by helping ethical, profitable businesses with a double bottom line. Doing well by doing good.

The tools of both marketing and cybersecurity are extremely powerful and, like a hammer, can be used to build or break. As a company we will not participate in activities we suspect are evil.

We will not do business with companies that knowingly:

  • Harm the environment
  • Take advantage of others in desperate situations or by exploiting human weakness
  • Use unethical practices such as bribery or extortion
  • Undertake criminal activities
  • Discriminate based on anything but the quality of performance
  • Use communications channels to subvert human rights, promote any precept that generally limits human rights, or engage in purposeful deception.

But it’s not enough to simply not do bad things, rather, we seek to do good: To leave the world a better place.

We actively seek to work with companies that improve the lot in life for all people, and that can scale to do this on a global basis

We hold ourselves to these values and expect the same of those we do business with.

Cybersecurity and marketing are double-edged swords:

  • Cybersecurity can help to realize the incredible potential of information and cybernetic technology, but it can also be used to oppress people and take away their freedom and justice.
  • Marketing can help disburse information, helping businesses, governments, and NGOs inform the public, but can also be used to spread disinformation and influence people to believe in things not in their best interests.

Most technology is neutral with respect to its effects on people and the world. But most companies and their leaders are not.

We actively seek to work with cybersecurity companies and their leaders to realize the potential for good in their products and services, and to use ethical communications practices on their path to growth.

  • We will always actively work to limit uses that harm people, take away freedoms, or support injustices.


The combination of cybersecurity and marketing is, today, a unique one. We came together because we’ve already seen the insights and perspectives that this combination can provide, and, based on our years of experience, see the potential for using this to foster growth in the cybersecurity market. Get in touch and see if you agree.



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