The three of us work with an enormous variety of companies in a number of different roles: executive, advisor, investor, consultant, partner, and (hopefully) friend. Trusted advisor. As such we don’t often discuss clients or client projects here, but…we do discuss the larger trends we see from our unique window on the world of cybersecurity, marketing, design, investing, and Things We Find Of Interest. Our opinions are ours and are just that; opinions. We always seek to provide value and, thus, encourage reasoned, civil, debate on any topics we discuss. And, if there’s something of particular interest, we’re happy to chat—just let us know.

OSG30, 4-23-20 Respecting religions, human UIs, not enough swabs.

OSG29, 4-16-20 covid scams, ok we're too dumb to prepare, tell the right story.

OSG28, 4-9-20 Predicitng the future, a new normal, cybersecurity companies and corona.

OSG26, 3-19-20 balloons, russian cognitive security, are numbers real, avoiding influence.

OSG24, 3-5-20 RSA2020 review, something spooky, you should charge more, what makes a good report

OSG23, 3-1-20 PacMan, how to tell the truth, will corona stop trade shows?

OSG22, 2-20-20 high fees no guarantees, proactive media, long con or short?

OSG21, 2-13-20 the end of viruses, neurosecurity, and human behavior

OSG20, 2-6-20 faking sincerity, managing risk, should you cmmc?

OSG19, 1-30-20 rsa, when to get help, creativity is timeless, the four stages of marketing

OSG18, 1-23-20 What's new in 2020, Synack's marketing, people factors

OSG 17, 1-16-20 Marketing+cybersecurity, are you afraid, security as facilitator

OSG 16, 1-9-20 How we work, do personas work, growing companies

OSG 15, 1-3-20 Complexity, models aren't the business, graphs and grids

OSG 14, 12-27-19 Intuition+experimentation+analysis

OSG 13, 12-12-19 Early adopters, more influence, the medium is the message

OSG 12, 12-06-19 Email etiquette, influence operations, and Elizabeth Warren

OSG 11, 11-27-19 The Keiretsu investor forum

OSG 10, 11-21-19 Branding and the black swan

OSG 9, 11-14-19 The future is bright, always transforming, the end of passwords

OSG 8, 11-7-19: Should service and support be marketing?

OSG 7, 10-31-19: The antifred website

OSG 6, 10-24-19: Simple company analytics: who sells what to whom

OSG 5, 10-17-19: Fred goes right-brained, design and cybersecurity

OSG 4, 10-10-19 How to influence your prospects

OSG 3, 10-3-19: Your brain on marketing

OSG 2, 9-26-19: Email Marketing In Cybersecurity. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

OSG 1, 9-19-19: Growing Cybersecurity Companies


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